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Religious Liberty and Contraception

Religious Liberty and Contraception

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From the foreword by James Likoudis, President of Catholics United for the Faith:

By clarifying one of the most vexing issues in recent Church history - one which has brought many "traditionalist" Catholics to the verge of schism with Rome - Fr Brian Harrison's book fills an urgent need in today's Church.

Working from sources in five languages (many of them never before published in English), Fr Harrison argues convincingly against both the "progressive" and "conservative" extremes of theological opinion, that the Vatican II Declaration on Religious Liberty does not constitute the kind of radical change from previous papal teaching which would be involved in a "relaxation" of the Church's stand against contraception.

The book displays careful scholarship, a penetrating historical insight into the key issues, and a theological craftsmanship which is fresh and original, but at the same time solidly rooted in tradition. Furthermore, Fr Harrison's lucid style renders a complex subject intelligible, and indeed, highly readable, for the non-specialist as well as the theologian.

Harrison, Fr Brian


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