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Ratzinger's Faith - The Theology of Pope Benedict XVI

Ratzinger's Faith - The Theology of Pope Benedict XVI

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Pope Benedict XVI is the leader of the world's largest Christian community. What is the true character of the theological beliefs that shape his strategic priorities? Tracey Rowland takes us on a carefully researched tour of Joseph Ratzinger's intellectual development from his student days until the present, illuminating his relationship to other thinkers and to the Catholic tradition.

"I read Tracey Rowland's lucid and absorbing exposition of the theology of Pope Benedict XVI with growing admiration. Not only does she describe his thought in terms a layman can understand, but she places it in the context of the theological controversies that followed Vatican II."
Piers Paul Read

"Tracey Rowland rightly concludes that Benedict XVI is 'one of the world's most intellectual popes in history', yet, for him, revelation is also very much a matter of the heart and of love. Rowland's work is a thorough and and accurate judgement of the scope and significance of the thought of Joseph Ratzinger, theologian and Pope."
James V Schall, SJ

"Rowland re-presents the writings of Benedict XVI, both personal and official, in a way that is highly illuminating for anyone interested in the current condition of religious philosophy in the West and in the issues facing the contemporary Catholic Church."
Aidan Nichols, OP

Rowland, Dr T


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