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Raising A Catholic Family

Raising A Catholic Family

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Steve and Janet Ray have four children and six grandchildren. They taught their children at home and made a study of educating and lovingly disciplining their children. The results have been exceptionally good. In this talk Steve shares their theories and stories, their practice and advice. Solidly based on Catholic teaching on the family, this talk also touches on the biblical and Catholic perspectives on man woman, love and marriage. Steve tells stories of his own parents, who have been married for over 65 years, and his own 30 years plus of marriage to Janet.

Steve discusses the crucial job of raising our kids in a pagan culture. He explains how he channelled the natural desires of his kids to rebel against their parents, teaching them instead to rebel against evil and fight for God and the Gospel. Steve and Janet discuss the biblical foundations for raising kids, the actual situation in which we find ourselves, and many practical tools ad ideas for raising righteous rebels. With anecdotes for the experience of raising his own children (and now with six grandchildren), Steve passionately teaches us the need to love, educate, discipline, and live the faith with our children.

Evil influences and worldly temptations try to wrap their tentacles around our kids. The internet and television along with drugs and sex attempt to pull our kids away from the Church and our families. How do we counteract this wave of corruption? Steve gives practical and tested advice and he does it with enthusiasm, wisdom and useful suggestions.

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