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Prayer: The Key to Salvation

Prayer: The Key to Salvation

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"Prayer is not only the key to salvation; it is the necessary means to salvation."

This is the central theme of Prayer - The Key to Salvation by Fr. Michael Mueller, C.Ss.R., famous author of The Blessed Eucharist, The Prodigal Son, God - The Great Teacher of Mankind, The Catholic Dogma and many other beautiful, moving and inspiring books.

"There is an important truth," the author states, "of which thousands of men are ignorant; or if they know it, they reflect upon it seldom, and with but little fruit...Now this important truth is, that according to the ordinary course of Divine Providence, man cannot be saved without prayer. In order to understand this truth in its full extent, we must consider first, that we cannot be saved unless we fulfill the will of God; secondly, that we are are unable to do God's will unless we are assisted by Divine grace; thirdly, that we obtain this grace by prayer alone; that consequently we must pray in order to be saved."

With such urgent and compelling words the author proceeds to explain the necessity for prayer in general, for sinners, for the just, for seminarians; the power of the prayer of the just and of children; the conditions and qualities of prayer; how to acquire the spirit of prayer; the practice of meditation, etc.

Brief and easy to understand, Prayer - The Key to Salvation is addressed to all; yet it is one of the most important books you will ever read, for upon prayer depends your eternal salvation.

Mueller Fr Michael


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