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People of the New Testament, Book 3: Major Disciples of Jesus & Other Followers & Friends

People of the New Testament, Book 3: Major Disciples of Jesus & Other Followers & Friends

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People of the New Testament (III) is the fifth volume of the long-awaited "New Light on the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich" series. The first part covers the primary non-apostolic disciples of Jesus, among them: Barnabas, Joseph Barsabbas, Cleophas (of Emmaus), Luke (including his life as painter and healer), Mark (the evangelist), Martialis (the youth of Nain), three Nathaniels (including the bridegroom of Cana), Saturnin (an important early disciple of both John the Baptist and Jesus unknown to history), Simeon, the first martyr, Stephen, and others. The second part documents an extraordinary conversation between Jesus and Eliud the Essene shortly before the baptism in the Jordan, then gives accounts of many lesser-known disciples organized in four categories: respected civic leaders; pagan officials (including the historically unknown centurion Abenadar, one of the most fascinating figures in the visions); merchants; and other officials. The final selection covers King Abgar and the famous letter that passed between him and Jesus, still a matter of scholarly dispute.

Anne Catherine Emmerich was born on September 8, 1774, at Flamske, Germany. From early childhood she was blessed with the gift of spiritual sight and lived almost constantly in inner vision of scenes of the Old and New Testaments. Later, her visions became concerned primarily with the life of Jesus Christ, although they encompassed also the lives of many saints and other personages (some unknown to history) as well as far-reaching insights into many other mysteries. In 2004 she was beatified by Pope John Paul II.

This series supplements an earlier Angelico publication: The Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich, Books I-III. In 2009 the original notes of Anne Catherine's visions (in 38 notebooks) became for the first time available for reference, and the present series incorporates much new material translated therefrom. With regard to both individuals and themes, every reference thus far located in the notes and in prior translations have been woven together, so the reader can find in one place almost all of what Anne Catherine had to say on each topic.

As regards the series as a whole, virtually every individual in the biblical visions (approximately 250 in total) is referenced in the five People of the New Testament volumes. The Life of the Virgin Mary is dedicated to Mary (and her Essene ancestry), and Scenes from the Lives of the Saints treats of fifty-nine saints. The present volume forms a set with Mysteries of the Old Testament and two further volumes cover a multitude of separate themes: Inner Life and Worlds of Soul & Spirit and Spiritual Works and Journeys. The final volume is The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich.

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