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Path to Rome

Path to Rome

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The inspirational stories of different Christians who have struggled, thought and sacrificed much to finally find their home in the Catholic Church. This collection of conversion stories relates how former Baptists, Presbyterians, Salvation Army officers, Plymouth Brethren, Episcopalians, Evangelicals and New Age believers all made their way along the Path to Rome. Each chapter weaves an individual's coversion story into a wider issue of ecumenical concern, and with contributions from housewives, former bishops, well-known academics and former Protestant pastors, there is a wide range of viewpoints and interests. Theological, pastoral and personal issues are explored in a highly readible form. The book is sure to help a great many others who are seeking for the fullness of the Catholic Faith. Dwight Longenecker, the editor, was brought up in an Evangelical home in the USA. Graduating from Bob Jones University he came to study theology at Oxford University, England, and was ordained into the Anglican ministry. After ten years serving as a curate, school chaplain and country parson, he and his family were received into the Catholic Church. He now works as chaplain at St Joseph Catholic School, Greenville, South Carolina.


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