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Papists, Spaniards and Other Strangers - Revisiting History Book 2

Papists, Spaniards and Other Strangers - Revisiting History Book 2

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Continuing in the second volume of her Revisiting History series, Bella Wyborn d'Abrera treats the second phase of religious turmoil in Tudor England.

In Papists, Spaniards And Other Strangers, the author presents meticulously researched and documented accounts of the short and violent reign of the boy-king, Edward VI, and the struggles between the contending survivors for the throne of England. That throne had been made into the focus of both religious and civil power by Henry VIII, and whoever would seize it would be able to determine the future of the country in terms of the religious conflicts then raging throughout Europe.

In this volume, upon the death of Edward VI, it would be Mary Tudor who would finally triumph, to the relief and joy of a hitherto cowed and deeply troubled nation. Mary's bloodless victory, triumphant march into London and utterly joyous coronation are all vividly treated here, almost as if the author herself were an eyewitness to the pageantry.

Volume III (to follow) will deal with the reign of Mary and the restoration of Catholicism to England before the disturbed and disturbing reign of Elizabeth I.

Volume III 'This Sainted Queen' has now been published and is also available from Fidelity Books, along with Volume I 'The King With A Pope In His Belly.'

D'Abrera, Bella W


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