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Overcoming Sinful Anger

Overcoming Sinful Anger

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When St. Jane Francis de Chantal encouraged St. Francis de Sales to be a bit angrier over the opposition they were facing in starting their religious order, he replied, ÔÇ£Would you have me lose in a quarter hour what has taken me twenty yearsÔÇÖ hard work to acquire?

St. Francis de Sales had quite a temper when he was young. But over time he learned to convert his angry feelings into virtuous action. He knew that anger never leads to happiness. Worse, it causes tremendous harm to our relationship with God.

In these pages, the wise Fr. Morrow shows you how to pull the rug out from beneath your anger and reclaim a life of peace and grace. YouÔÇÖll come to understand the root causes of angry behavior, ways to heal painful memories, and how to deal well with your hurts and humiliations.

YouÔÇÖre not likely to overcome blowups and anxiety through willpower alone. You need tools that help you cultivate the habits that lead to virtuous action. YouÔÇÖll discover here simple ways to influence your behavior, control your impulses, and rebuild tattered relationships.

When you follow the simple advice offered in these pages, youÔÇÖll be surprised at how quickly youÔÇÖre giving up all desire for revenge, forgiving those who hurt you, and finding peace in your life. YouÔÇÖll also learn:

  • The difference between righteous and sinful anger.
  • Why saying "Well, thatÔÇÖs just the way I amÔÇØ could cost you your soul.
  • The three root causes of every angry outburst
  • The five stages of healing hurtful memories.
  • How to discipline an angry child
  • The three actions every Christian MUST take to overcome sinful anger.

  • ÔÇ£Father Morrow presents a practical solution to a common problem. This book can make the world a much better place."
    Mike Aquilina

    Morrow, Fr T G


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