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Our Father's Plan Study Guide

Our Father's Plan Study Guide

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A Catholic Bible Study of Salvation History
Written and successfully piloted by St. John the Apostle Church Bible Study in Oregon, this 24-week series is based on, and follows, the extremely popular 13-hour Our FatherÔÇÖs Plan film series hosted by Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins on EWTN. Using the Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition, this in-depth Bible study begins with Genesis, continues through various Old Testament books, into the New Testament with the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts.

Each weekÔÇÖs lesson includes a specific Bible reading, a group of detailed study questions on the scripture reading, cross-referencing to The Catechism of the Catholic Church, concluding with a 25 minute film segment from the video series. An accompanying facilitator's answer guide is also available.

ÔÇ£A wonderful study guide for our film series, Our FatherÔÇÖs Plan. I am happy to have it available on a broader scale for Bible study.ÔÇØ

Due to the revision of the VHS series, as well as the addition of a DVD series, please view the addendum for lesson breakdowns within the Our Father's Plan series.


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