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Only Man Bears HIs Image

Only Man Bears HIs Image

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The NHI Deception—"Aliens, UFOs, AGI," and more—is suddenly exploding across the globe. And this book, the most comprehensive Catholic treatment of the matter ever published, will equip you to resist it.

It is now said that today’s news looks like yesterday’s science fiction. This resemblance is not fortuitous. Those who should be discerning the signs of the times in the light of faith are instead giddily and credulously consuming the lies they are fed by the false prophets of the present deception: men (and demons) whose motives are anything but sincere. They promise imminent contact with extra-terrestrials and a welcoming of the “Singularity” when AI becomes super intelligent, but in proclaiming these and other lies, they are only paving the way for the rise of the Antichrist.

Scripture prophesies the Great Deception heralding this Lawless One. It will be a “strong delusion” accompanied by “pretended signs and wonders,” wherein men turn from the truth to “wander into myths” and embrace the teachings of demons.” The Catechism warns of a “religious deception” that offers men “an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth.” Pope Leo XIII was shown Satan being given “75 to 100 years of greater power on earth.” Pope Paul VI saw “the smoke of Satan entering the Church of God” through the “pagan prophets of science.” Never in the whole history of the world has one phenomenon proven so competent as the ET and AI Deception in displaying all the hallmarks that the faithful should know to be on guard against to avoid succumbing to apocalyptic ruses. This book rigorously discerns all of these themes in order to ensure the faithful can and will avoid that capitulation.

As modern man turns away from his own Christian patrimony, the myths he turns toward are no longer found within the pages of Hesiod. They are, rather, seductively detailed in the deluge of science fiction works which, especially in the last century, have tantalized their consumers with enrapturing descriptions of alien civilizations visiting earth. This book's purpose is simple: to deliver its readers from the clutches of a movement that is already seducing millions into exceedingly dangerous spiritual realms, and which is poised to soon become a veritably apocalyptic diabolical deception. Those who read it will be prepared to contend against the principalities, powers, and rules "of this present darkness, against the spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly places." (Ephesians 6:12) They will be equipped with Scripture, Magisterium, science, and more, to understand—and help others understand—that we can be certain there are no aliens (only demonic illusions pretending to be aliens), that AI cannot ever become sentient or rational, and that other related sci-fi-originated proposals are likewise deceptions constituting the “return to myths” that Scripture prophesies for our times.

O'Connor, Daniel


St Joseph's Solutions


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