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Old Sam: Dakota Trotter

Old Sam: Dakota Trotter

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Two books in one: Old Sam, Thoroughbred Trotter and Old Sam and the Horse Thieves!

Homesteading would not have been the same for 10-year-old Johnny Scott and his younger brother, Lee, if they'd had to do it without Old Sam. Once a thoroughbred trotter on his way to championship, a crippling accident allows the Scott family to inherit him, a horse no one else wants. Mr. Scott soon discovers Old Sam's uncanny and invaluable ability to do any task a larger, stronger farm horse can do. What the boys find out is that, besides being the smartest horse in the world, Old Sam still loves to trot and he is still fast. His awkward appearance and hidden talents make for hilarious and rousing situations as Johnny and Lee and their buddies, Jess and Levi French, tackle homestead lifeÔÇöfrom 4th of July celebrations, to life and death races, to catching thievesÔÇöin the Dakota Territory of the 1880s.

Taylor, Don Alonzo


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