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New Boys in the Bush

New Boys in the Bush

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Heroes Jack, Jim and Joe Lawson only just moved from city to bush. A Pioneer Week on a 40 acre farm, in an old rambling house, with a goanna in the chookyard; a strange but wondrous way of life; no electricity, but solid solar energy, rashly risking daily death to get it: felling firewood on themselves; didn't know the gun was loaded..."daring-do" in an old Land Rover; plus burn the house down? then stranded up a windmill. An Explorer Week meeting the Seven Deadly Dangers amid ridge and gorge in the Wild Bush Mountains: Lost! Despair! Hope! scrub, swamp and towering trees; a monster rock hurtling down like a cannon-ball; tripping over a cliff and dangling in space; teaching each other swimming - else they drown; starting a bushfire from a campfire explosion; then a snake-attack; sun-parched thirst; sunstroke...

Short chapters to read aloud at meals or in school; an ideal read curled up in your bed or a comfy chair; or for tedious travel by bus or train, or car or plane.

53 chapters, 492 pages, 47 pictures, 14 maps, ABC of Camping, all in a book too exciting to put down. For adventurous boys and girls.

Tierney, Rev Fr B


Cardinal Newman Catechist Cntr

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