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Mysteries, Marvels And Miracles In The Lives Of The Saints

Mysteries, Marvels And Miracles In The Lives Of The Saints

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Saints and Miraculous Phenomena

"One of the most amazing Catholic books of the 20th century"

Miracles are one of the Marks of ChristÔÇÖs True Church, and here the reader sees a vast panorama of Catholic miracles reaching back for centuries.. Here in one volume are hundreds of stories of miraculous phenomena in the lives of the saints. Mrs Cruz scoured through libraries and wrote to shrines all over the world for the material for this remarkable book.

The wonders described here include bilocation, levitation, odour of sanctity, odour of sin, transverberation and other miracles of the heart, miraculous transport, money mysteriously provided, multiplication of food, mystical marriage and heavenly jewellry, miraculous protection, lights and rays of love fire and heat of love, prophecy, invisibility, Saints who knew the date of their death, the stigmata (wounds of Christ), gift of tongues, mystical fasts, mystical knowledge, incorruption of bodies after death, bodies transformed after death, blood miracles, voices of the dead, death warnings and other signals from the dead, ÔÇ£mannaÔÇØ and perfume from the bodies of the Saints after death, and miracles of the Saints involving earth, sea, sky, rain, snow, ice, plants, fruit and flowers, birds, bees, bugs, animals, reptiles, springs, wells, holy water and fire.

No one can read this book without seeing that God has indeed favoured the Saints with amazing gifts and marvellous powers over natureÔÇötestifying to His own almighty power and to the truth of the Catholic Church.

Cruz, Joan Carroll


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