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My Way of Life

My Way of Life

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Here is presented the masterpiece of St. Thomas - the Summa Theologica - in simplified form. This vast summary of Thomistic teaching which deals with every worthwhile truth from a to z, from the attributes of God to the zeal of man has been distilled into this little volume. It is, in truth, a miniature and simple Summa for everyman.

The Volume, here presented, is in full accord with the purpose of St. Thomas. It brings his message from the halls of learning out into the market place and into the home. While primarily meant for everyman, it is profound enough for the most erudite. Hence it can be readily recommended to father and mother, sister and brother, to the high-school and college student, to the convert, the study and Newman Club, to the Confraternity class, to the religious and the priest, in a word, it can be recommended to everyone.

Farrell, W & Healy, M


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