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My Daily Psalm Book

My Daily Psalm Book

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In presenting this pocket-edition of the Book of Psalms, we are placing within the reach of everyone a book of perfect prayer.

In the new latin translation of the Psalms which our Holy Father, Pope pius XII, had ordered to be made and then subsequently approved, He has given not only to priests, but to all the faithful a powerful incentive to use these inspired hymns and prayers with frequency and devotion. The Vicar of Christ points especially to the rich fruits which come from the reading of the psalms- they hold up shining examples of sanctity before our eyes, nourish within us the love of God and increase sentiments of Christian fortitude and the spirit of true contrition. In word, they give us light, grace and comfort. We should hold it a singular grace that, in these difficult times, the Holy Father has referred us to this sacred book, for out of it we may draw, as did the people of Israel in days of past tribulations (I Mach. 12-9), strength and consolation in our needs of the present. May the Psalms bring abundant blessings to all those who pray and read them with devotion!

Frey, Fr


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