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My Daily Life

My Daily Life

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A realistic aid for better daily living. Do not expect to read this book as you might read most other books. It is designed to give more than mere information. It offers the reader a broader understanding and deeper appreciation of human nature as it operates within him and in those with whom he must deal. It is calculated to enlarge the reader's view of human behavior and strengthen his ability to deal more realistically with others.

This book tries to help the reader get the most out of daily life. It is a guide to greater peace of mind and increased spiritual vitality. Its ultimate goal is a "more satisfying self-possession and a more enlightened self-management throughout this earthly life." To absorb its message into your very being will require time, reflection, application, and persevering practice. We would recommend the advice of Francis Bacon: "Read not to contradict and confute... but to weigh and consider."

Paone, Fr Anthony J, SJ


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