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Mother Benedict: Foundress of the Abbey of Regina Laudis

Mother Benedict: Foundress of the Abbey of Regina Laudis

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"Antoinette Bosco gives the reader a powerful profile of a pioneering Benedictine nun whose devotion to God and her vocation is evident on every page. The chapters on her escape from the Nazis and her encounters with the men who would become Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI provide fascinating glimpses into her strength of character and her single-minded dedication to serve God at every turn."
Tim S. Hickey

"If you are looking for a good read, a spiritual banquet of delight, look no further. Following in the footsteps of their foundress, who was played by Loretta Young in the movie, "Come To the Stable," these exquisite women reveal the true meaning of holiness in today's world. A must read for anyone trying to understand how God calls us to loving service, without taking our freedom away."
Father John Catoir

If you read only one book this year, make it Mother Benedict. More than a biography, Antoinette Bosco has written an inspirational epic-a fascinating look at a true Catholic heroine-Mother Benedict Duss. In this sweeping saga of faith, hardship, and courage, Bosco not only gives readers a portrait of an extraorinary woman and her struggles to found a contemplative order-the first in America-but she also captures the essence of the Abbey of Regina Laudis itself, and the captivating stories of the people, both celebrity and common man, who have passed through it's gates.
Allia Zobel Nolan

Bosco, Antoinette

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