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Miraculous Images of Our Lord: Famous Catholic Statues, Portraits & Crucifixes

Miraculous Images of Our Lord: Famous Catholic Statues, Portraits & Crucifixes

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Miraculous Images of Our Lord-the companion to Miraculous Images of Our Lady-is one of the most telling revelations ever written about our Saviour. In this book the best-selling author, Joan Carroll Cruz, has again proved herself one of the foremost Catholic writers and researchers of our time. For the 42 remarkable true accounts included here describe miraculous manifestations of Our Lord from various parts of the globe; plus, they are richly illustrated by actual photos-some in full color-of miraculous statues, crucifixes and other holy images, with descriptions of the persons whose lives they touched.

The Church's two most treasured images of Our Lord-the Holy Shroud and the Veil of Veronica-are of course included, as are the beloved Infant Jesus of Prague statue and the famous San Damiano Crucifix (pictured on the cover), from which Our Lord told St. Francis of Assisi to rebuild His Church. Also described are the Crucifix of Limpias, which "re-enacted" the Passion of Christ; the Crucifix that spoke to St. Thomas Aquinas, endorsing his writings; the Crucifix of St. Bridget of Sweden, which spoke to her in the year 1350, resulting in the beautiful and famous 15 prayers and promises; plus, many other images of comparable interest and inspiration.

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