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Miracles of Mary: Everyday Encounters of Beauty And Grace

Miracles of Mary: Everyday Encounters of Beauty And Grace

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Although she lived two thousand years ago, the Virgin Mary continues to inspire countless generations with her miracles. This wonderful collection of accounts by everyday people includes stories of the silently weeping statues of Mary in Japan; apparitions of Mary in Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Poland, and Portugal; and of the statue of Mary in Sri Lanka that has been at the center of a number of miracles, including during the 2004 tsunami. Mary also appeared to millions in Zeitun, Egypt, uniting Muslims and Coptic Christians, and was inspiration to a young Polish boy who became a world leader.

Told simply and honestly, these remarkable stories by everyday people allow the reader to experience the beauty and grace of these miraculous events, regardless of their background.

Curran, Bridget


Allen & Unwin

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