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Maybe 'I Do': Modern Marriage and the Pursuit of Happiness

Maybe 'I Do': Modern Marriage and the Pursuit of Happiness

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Thousands of social science results indicate that a healthy, stable and happy marriage is an optimal relationship for the psychological, emotional and physical well being of adults and children. Functional families are one of the strongest influences on the growth of human competence, and mental and emotional well being.

At a time when marriage and family are under constant siege, Kevin Andrews' thoroughly researched book provides a timely and telling case for making the strengthening of these essential bedrocks of a healthy society a number one priority.

Kevin Andrews highlights those factors which social scientists from all over the world believe benefit or detract from marital success, and examines the ways in which individuals, communities and governments can help to create more successful marital unions.

Kevin Andrews is a former Australian  politician and member of the Liberal Party of Australia. He was the Member of House of Representatives for the seat of Menzies from a by-election in 1991 until the 2022 Australian federal election. He regularly writes in the media, publishes a policy magazine, and has spoken at a series of international conferences. Kevin is married to Margaret, and they have five children. Together with a group of other couples, they founded the Marriage Education Programme in 1980. The Programme has provided pre and post marriage courses for more than 20,000 people.

"Kevin Andrews has performed a real service with this engagingly written, data-packed analysis of how changes in marriage and family behavior are affecting children and society's future. The sobering picture he paints is relieved by the author's determination to show that cultural trends can and must be shifted in a more positive direction."

Mary Ann Glendon is the Learned Hand Professor of Law at Harvard University.

"This is a comprehensive and thoroughly documented book on why marriage matters to adults and children. It will be the new bible for those of us in the western world who need the citations for the latest research and literature. Equally important are the practical and relevant recommendations for policy and programs that Kevin Andrews has put forth. I believe this will be the most important family book of the decade."

Bill Coffin, Special Assistant for Marriage Education, Administration for Children and Families, US. Department of Health and Human Services (2002-2010)

"This is a reasoned and thoroughly documented call to take the future of marriage as seriously as we take the future of the economy, education, and health care. I have never seen the case made better for marriage as a public good worth preserving and promoting, and not just a personal life style. Maybe I Do also has a human touch, reflecting the author's many years as an educator of young couples. It's a terrific contribution from a national leader."

- William J. Doherty, Ph.D., is professor of Family Social Science, University of Minnesota, and director of the Minnesota Couples on the Brink Project. .

This is not your ordinary "policy" book written by an active politician. Kevin Andrews' Maybe 'I Do' is a well crafted, cogent, and remarkably thorough analysis of the social science research on the importance of marriage to couples, their children, and society as a whole. Accurately calling the breakdown of marriage, family, and community the greatest threat to the Western world, Andrews ably identifies public policies that could strengthen families in this 21st Century. Concerned citizens, lawmakers, and scholars alike will greatly benefit from this volume.

- Allan Carlson PhD is the President, the Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society and Founder and International Secretary, The World Congress of Families.

Andrews' clarion call for rebuilding a marriage culture capable of sustaining humanity's most fundamental social institution ought to be heard - and acted upon - throughout the western world.

- George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellows, Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington, D.C.

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