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Mary Who Unties Knots Novena

Mary Who Unties Knots Novena

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This devotion to "Mary, Who Unties Knots" was initiated by Archbishop Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, who brought copies of the painting back to Argentina after first seeing it in Germany.

This booklet contains the original Novena prepared by Father Juan-Ramon Celeiro, the pastor of a poor parish in Buenos Aires. This Novena has now spread around the world.

" is the image of our Mother who helps us daily on the paths of life. She comes to our rescue, takes care of us, shows us Jesus, and brings us to Jesus. We present our difficulties, our 'knots' to her, especially the ones which affect the Christian life of our family." Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ, 1999 (Now Pope Francis)

Celeiro, Fr Juan-Ramon


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