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Mary Mother of Reconciliations

Mary Mother of Reconciliations

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The foundress of the Missionaries of Charity and the founder of Taize have already, on several occasions, written books or messages together. The announcement of a year devoted to Mary led them to publish this new book in which, for the first time, the reflections of both on the Virgin Mary have been gathered together and deepened. P>Saint John, in his great age, could only keep repeating: God is love. Where God is, there is love.

We, all of us, can bring the love of Jesus to others and become a ferment of reconciliation, not only among believers but in the entire human family.

May our hmes, however modest they may be, become like the house of Mary in Nazareth: a place to welcome people to prayer, a place of reconciliation.

And Mary will be for us "mother of reconciliations". - Mother Teresa and Brother Roger.

Mother Teresa & Brother Roger


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