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Living the Drama of Faith: What Faith Is and Where It Leads You

Living the Drama of Faith: What Faith Is and Where It Leads You

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Doubt is the secret companion of all too many Christians, creeping into souls with the utmost subtlety, leaving prayer hollow and good works sullen and dispirited. Whether your faith is brand-new or well-worn, you've already found that it's a drama, with these storms of doubt and turmoil disrupting sweet moments of grace and peace.

Living the Drama of Faith offers you relief from doubt - and the chance to let your faith take wing. It will bring you to a mature understanding of faith that will help you face doubts and spiritual dryness without fear. You'll learn to leave behind the false expectations that breed doubt and that derail the faith of many believers. You'll come to see how darkness and lack of enthusiasm may not mean that you're losing your faith; they could actually be sure signs of your progress in loving God. Your new, insider's understanding of faith will make your own faith tougher and less vulnerable to assault. Indeed, Romano Guardini will show you how to stop being troubled by doubts and grow in that abiding, unruffled faith which is found in the heart of every truly happy soul.

Guardini, Romano


Sophia Institute Press

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