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Letters to Jesus (Answered)

Letters to Jesus (Answered)

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From the blurb:

With brilliance and creativity, Peter Kreeft takes all of the sayings of Jesus (answers) in the Gospel of Matthew and provides us with questions for each in a totally contemporary setting. Kreeft asks 285 questions in the form of "letters to Jesus", each in the voice of a different questioner such as a Convinced Capitalist, Fellow Traveler, Modern Martyr, Antilegalist, Perplexed, etc. The answers of Jesus are taken verbatim from Matthew and printed upside down so that the reader must invert the book to read them. This unique format foes two things:
(1) it symbolizes the fact that Jesus upsets most of our expectations with his answers and
(2) it provides a pause while one inverts the book during which one can think of the kind of answer he might expect Jesus to give.

Unlike any other book, the genius of this book is its clever matching of question to answer. The questions are at once original, relevant and poignant. They get to the essence of Jesus’ teaching as it applies today. The reader will experience delight, instruction and inspiration simultaneously as he eagerly leaps from one question to another, pondering Jesus’ intriguing answers.

Kreeft, Peter


Ignatius Press

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