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Letters From Hades

Letters From Hades

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The Catholic Church is today in a state of crisis, although by no means for the first time in her long and amazing history. Her authority to teach and govern in the name of Christ, which she can claim by divine mandate, is being contested, not only by those outside her fold but also by many calling themselves Catholics.

Has the present crisis arisen merely as a result of a clash of opinions, or is it the result of a gigantic struggle by the powers of darkness to destroy a divinely founded institution?

This book would seem to answer "Yes" to the second alternative - it is presented as a collection of written from the point of view of an evil spirit playing an important part in such a struggle - and there is no doubt that, when  considered as the products of an evil and extremely cunning intelligence, many otherwise puzzling events affecting the life of the Church clearly make sense.

Letters from Hades, written in 1988, by a Melbourne Catholic under the pen name Peter Marius, gave a "devil's eye view" of the unfolding crisis in the Church at that time - and which perspective is equally applicable to what has happened since and is happening now.

126 pages. 11cm x 17 cm pb.


Marius, Peter


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