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Less Than a Minute To Go: The Secret to World-Class Performance in Sport Business, and Everyday Life

Less Than a Minute To Go: The Secret to World-Class Performance in Sport Business, and Everyday Life

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Dr. Bill Thierfelder knows what it takes to win. As a student at the University of Maryland he dominated the high jump, winning fame as an All-American and Irish national champion. Later he earned his doctorate in sports psychology. He became a private coach and mentor to the world's top athletes...and revealed to them his hard won secrets for success.

In Less Than a Minute to Go: The Secret to World-class Performance in Sport, Business and Everyday Life, Thierfelder, now President of Belmont Abbey College, reveals the secrets to:

ÔÇó Becoming a world-class performer
ÔÇó Preparing your mind to win
ÔÇó Making peak performance a common occurrence
ÔÇó Playing with a passion that never ends

But Thierfelder does more than give peak performance techniques.

In these pages he shows why sports are worthy of our deep attention and effort, whether as athletes or as avid spectators and fans.

He shows how sports can and should engage the highest parts of our nature that, in fact, only when we are so engaged can we truly excel.

And he reveals how sports train and prepare us for other arenas...where we all are players and where our choices have more significance than any World Series or Super Bowl.

Join Dr. Bill Thierfelder in an exploration of sportÔÇöand of lifeÔÇöas you have never considered them before.

About the author:

Dr. Bill Thierfelder is President of Belmont Abbey College, a Catholic Liberal Arts College located 10 miles West of Charlotte, NC. Founded by Benedictine monks over 138 years ago, the college embodies the Benedictine tradition of prayer and learning by educating students to lead lives of integrity, to succeed professionally, to become responsible citizens and to be a blessing to themselves and to others.

Dr. Thierfelder received his masterÔÇÖs and doctoral degrees in Sports Psychology and Human Movement from Boston University. He is a licensed psychologist and a Diplomat of the American board of Psychological Specialties. He is also a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry. He is a former NCAA Division I coach, Olympian (did not compete due to injury), national champion (IRE) and a two-time All-American from the University of Maryland. He is a member of the Sports Faith International Hall of Fame, which includes world-class athletes, coaches, and team owners, such as George ÔÇ£Papa BearÔÇØ Halas, Wellington Mara, Brian Piccolo, and others.

Prior to his appointment as President of Belmont Abbey College, Dr. Thierfelder was president of fitness legend York Barbell Company. Other career posts include National Director of Sports Science for NovaCare; principal and cofounder of Joyner Sports Medicine Institute; and Executive Director of The Player Management Group. He has helped over 100 Olympic and professional athletes achieve dramatic improvements in performance.

Dr. Thierfelder has delivered hundreds of presentations regarding topics related to faith, sport, education, medicine and business, as well as testifying before the United States Congress in matters related to religious liberty. He is a Knight of Malta and lives just outside of Charlotte, NC with his wife, Mary, and their 10 children.

Thierfelder, Bill

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