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Lay Saints: Models of Family Life

Lay Saints: Models of Family Life

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Only the achievement of sanctity and the attainment of the beatific vision will ever bring us true happiness, a goal which can often seem overwhelming and unattainable. Indeed, without the aid of grace it is impossible, but we can confidently hope that God will always provide us with the graces necessary. The saints in this volume are evidence of this fact and serve as role models for us as we strive to cooperate with the action of GodÔÇÖs grace.

Within this volume are fifty eight saints who achieved holiness as husbands, wives, parents, or youth. Some lived in marital bliss with never a quarrel; others suffered greatly at the hands of their spouse, and many became saints while still at a tender young age. Each of these saints has qualities to be emulated in living as a member of a family, whether patience is needed in bearing with the faults of a spouse, or temperance is needed to check a natural inclination to anger.

Cruz, Joan Carroll


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