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How to Get More Out of Holy Communion

How to Get More Out of Holy Communion

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Has your fervour for Communion faded? If it has, don't assume that indifference is an ordinary part of growing mature in the Faith. On the contrary; your love of Communion should be growing greater.

But how can you achieve that? How to get More out of Holy Communion gives you the means to overcome the spiritual lethargy that, at times, overcomes every Christian. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to break out of the dullness that has settled into your soul, obscuring the glory of meeting our Lord in Communion. You'll learn from St. Peter Julian Eymard how to approach Holy Communion not as a duty, but as a preparation for Heaven.

These pages also show you how to draw on the spiritual resources God gives you in every Communion. You'll get valuable directions about what to do when you feel unworthy to receive Communion, as well as useful - and unexpected - advice about how to make your post-Communion thanksgivings more fruitful. And through Scripture and holy logic, this wise writer will impress upon you again exactly how important Holy Communion is for growth in the spiritual life.

With this kind of help, you'll begin to win more of your spiritual battles, and you'll even come to understand why God lets you lose others.

Now is the time to take up these pages and let St. Peter Julian Eymard show you how to transform your Communions into the bountiful sources of grace that God wants them to be.

St Peter Julian Eymard


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