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How to Find God and Discover Your True Self in the Process: A Handbook for Christians

How to Find God and Discover Your True Self in the Process: A Handbook for Christians

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These pages give you practical help to look honestly at yourself ÔÇö and by doing so, to attain the deepest desire of every sincere Christian: union with God Himself.

No longer will you be diverted from the search for God . . . or live in fear of losing your soul. Rather, with the help of the monk Hubert van Zeller, youÔÇÖll learn how to spot ÔÇö and avoid ÔÇö dangerous spiritual distractions. YouÔÇÖll find out how to keep your feet on the path that leads to holy wisdom: true knowledge of yourself . . . and of God.

From van Zeller, youÔÇÖll discover how to grow into the person Christ means you to be ÔÇö no matter how far you still have to go. Your new knowledge will draw you closer to God and charge your life with a transforming spiritual vigor.

How to Find God is a spiritual banquet for every Christian who wants to attain true self-knowledge and to be united with Him who is the fount of all joy.

Dom Hubert van Zeller O.S.B. (1905ÔÇô1984) lived a life of spiritual adventure and holy renunciation. He was born in Egypt when that nation was a British protectorate, and entered the Benedictine novitiate at age nineteen. His soul thirsted for an austere way of life; at one point he even left the Benedictines to enter a strict Carthusian monastery. However, he soon returned to the Benedictines. A talented sculptor as well as a writer, his artworks adorn churches in Britain and the United States. He was a friend of the great Catholic writers Msgr. Ronald Knox and Evelyn Waugh, and is the author of Holiness: A Guide for Beginners, Holiness for Housewives, and Spirit of Penance, Path to God.

ÔÇ£Brisk and readable . . . a book for all who enjoy the inner search, the life of genuine prayer.ÔÇØ American Benedictine Review

ÔÇ£Magnificent. . . . Its simplicity makes it of value not only for adepts but for all who can crawl, however feebly, to their FatherÔÇÖs arms.ÔÇØ The Priest

"You shall seek me; and you shall find me when you seek me with all your heart. And I will be found by you, says the Lord." Jeremiah 29:13-14

Van Zeller, Hubert


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