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Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday

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Holy words to melt the hardest of hearts

. . . and show you Jesus, waiting patiently for you in the tabernacle of your nearest Catholic church

Here's a book to lead you directly to Jesus, physically present in the tabernacle of the church down the street from you ÔÇö living there now as God and man!

Learn why millions of souls believe that Jesus is physically present in their local church, and discover the love they experience when they meet Him there.

With simple piety and a novelist's mastery of language, François Mauriac carries you with him directly to Jesus in the tabernacle, enabling you to experience the tenderness and majesty found there by all believers.

Take your seat at the table of the Last Supper. You, too, can have the strength, the hope, and the consolation that He gives to even the simplest of souls.

Mauriac, Francois


Sophia Institute Press

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