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Hitler, The War and the Pope

Hitler, The War and the Pope

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For almost fifty years, a controversy has raged about Pope Pius XII. Was the Pope who had shepherded the Church through World War II a Nazi sympathiser? Was he, as some have dared to call him, Hitler's Pope? Did he do nothing to help the Jewish people in the grips of the Holocaust?

In a thoroughly researched and meticulously documented analysis of the historical record, Ronald Rychlac has got past the anger and emotion and uncovered the truth about Pius XII. Not only does he refute the accusations against the Pope, but for the first time he documents how the slanders against him had their roots in a Soviet Communist campaign to discredit him and, by extension, the Church.

Let those who doubt but read Rychlac, follow his exquisitely organised courtroom-like arguments. What Professor Rychlac brings to the forum are facts, not rhetoric; dates, not conjecture; evidence, not slander... The worlds owes Ronald Rychlac a debt for bringing the truth to light" - Rabbi Eric A. Silver.

In his well-crafted pages... the portrait that emerges is one of an extraordinary pastor facing extremely vexing circumstances, of a holy man vying against an evil man, of a human being trying to save the lives of other human beings, of a light shining in the darkness" - John Cardinal O'Connor.

Rychlak, Ronald


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