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God's Greatest Gifts: Commentaries on the Commandments and the Sacraments

God's Greatest Gifts: Commentaries on the Commandments and the Sacraments

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Do you know what the Commandments require and do you really understand the Sacraments? Would you like to increase your love of God, to be able to explain your faith, and to show its conformity to Scripture? These pages by St. Thomas Aquinas will help you do all this and more.
Published here in an easy-to-read format, these straightforward discussions of the Commandments and Sacraments employ over 350 Scriptural quotations to show you what the Christian life demands - and how can live it better.
You know many things about the Faith... but can you answer the following?
THE COMMANDMENTS: What are the three meanings of "in vain"? Do you sometimes take God's name "in vain" without realising it? What three things must you avoid on the Sabbath? What three must you be sure to do? What is concupiscence? What four means must you use to overcome it? In what five ways will God reward you for honouring your parents - and punish you for failing to do so? When is anger virtuous? When is it sinful? How does a wife's adultery differ from a husband's? What are five ways in which you could be "bearing false witness" unwittingly? Why is stealing the most dangerous of all sins?
THE SACRAMENTS: What is a Sacrament? How do the Sacraments perfect us? What do the Sacraments have in common? How do they differ? What misconceptions do you have about the Sacraments (and are some of those misconceptions actually heretical)?
Filled with helpful information and sound pastoral advice, these pages by the Church's premier theologian are a godsend for today's ordinary, struggling Christian. They will help you correct your faults and find remedies for spiritual and moral weaknesses.

St Thomas Aquinas


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