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Gem from the Diamond Mine

Gem from the Diamond Mine

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This book, compiled and translated from the French by Mgr. Fliche, chronicles the holy life of the Venerable Sr. Margaret Parigot and her devotion to the infant Jesus as well as the evidence being presented in the ongoing cause for her beatification.

From a very young age Sister Margaret had a great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament When she went to church as a six year old she was so animated with a lively sense of the Divine Presence that she could not take her eyes off the tabernacle. With hands joined, body bowed and heart inflamed with love for Jesus Christ, hidden under the sacramental veil, she promised to love him always.

Her holiness was evident to others even in her childhood, and on entering the Carmelite Monas-tery in Beaune, she was favoured with many extraordinary visions and favoursfrom the Child Je-sus, who called her the "Spouse of my Infancy".

These visions, and all they revealed, are recorded in this book along with the prayers and thoughts of Sister Margaret herself.

Ven. Margaret died in 1641 (age 22) having endured lovingly great interior and exterior trials.

Fliche, Mgr.


A Treasure of Carmel Publicati

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