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Perhaps no organization has aroused more suspicion and curiosity in the last few hundred years than Freemasonry: suspicion and curiosity because Freemasonry is a secret society. However, most people know that a) membership is reserved to men and b) the Catholic Church has traditionally forbidden Catholic males under pain of excommunication or expulsion from the Church to join the Masons. In recent times, new questions regarding freemasonry are being asked. Does this penalty still apply? Why are a growing number of non-Catholic churches speaking our against Freemasonry?

In this talk filmed for Lumen Verum Apologetics, at Saint Michael's Church in Belfield, Sydney, Father Pacwa answers these questions and many more and also discusses the issues of Scientology, its deeply-embedded similarities to Freemasonry and the reasons for its condemnation by the Catholic Church.

Pacwa, Fr Mitch


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