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Foundations Restored : A Catholic Perspective on Origins (new stocks at even better value!)

Foundations Restored : A Catholic Perspective on Origins (new stocks at even better value!)

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DVD series - 14 DVDs and 108 page A4 Teacher's Guide . The producers have allowed Fidelity Books to reproduce the series in Melbourne, so as to make it affordable to Australian customers. Our second run cost less, hence the price reduction from originally $110 AUD to now $95. AUD

Visit the Foundations Restored website to learn more about this ground-breaking Catholic production. Read the customer reviews.
and watch the first 2 episodes for free.

NB AMERICAN OR EUROPEAN customers please purchase from the Foundation Restored website

Also available from the US site is the option to buy the series digitally for US$79.95

Episodes cover the following material:

Episode 1: Contrasts the Naturalistic and Supernatural frameworks in which the study of origins takes place.

Episode 2: Explains how the traditional Catholic doctrine of Creation faded from Catholic memory.

Episode 3.1: Discusses the traditional Catholic doctrine of Creation as taught in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

Episode 3.2: Examines St. Augustine's views on fiat Creation and the literal historical truth of Genesis 1-11.

Episode 4: Presents the authoritative teaching of the Church's Magisterium regarding the creation of all things.

Episode 5: Refutes the most widely-cited evidence or icons of evolution used to prove Darwinism.

Episode 6.1: Exposes the scientific failure of the alleged Darwinian mechanism for evolution via genetic mutations.

Episode 6.2: Shows how the assumed biochemical evolution which sparked the first life-forms is impossible.

Episode 7: Unearths the frauds and errors in the many false claims of missing links between apes and humans.

Episode 8: Reveals the untenable claims of Big Bang cosmology which holds that the universe came from nothing naturally.

Episode 9: Looks at the fossil record and the geological evidence for the Biblical Flood of Noah's day.

Episode 10: Demonstrates that radiometric dating methods harmonize geological evidence with the Biblical chronology.

Episode 11: Traces the negative historical and global consequences of the acceptance of the evolution hypothesis.

Episode 12: Documents the destructive effects of evolutionary indoctrination on generations of children worldwide.

Episode 13: Addresses the catastrophic impact of evolutionary thought on philosophy, theology and Catholic society.

Fidelity Books has been given the rights to copy/print and distribute the series in Australia, a task we have undertaken in order to make this important series more accessible and affordable to Australian customers.

For other great Catholic Creation material, visit:
- The Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation
- Restoring Truth Ministries

For other books and DVDs from Fidelity Books - search Creation in our search bar.

This product is available to customers in Australia and New Zealand only.

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