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Foundations Restored : A Catholic Perspective on Origins (new stocks at even better value!))

Foundations Restored : A Catholic Perspective on Origins (new stocks at even better value!))

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DVD series - 14 DVDs and 108 page A4 Teacher's Guide (Now also produced in Australia)

Visit the Foundations Restored website to learn more about this ground-breaking Catholic production. Read the customer reviews
and watch the first 2 episodes for free.

NB AMERICAN OR EUROPEAN customers please purchase from the Foundation Restored website

Also available from the site is the option to buy the series digitally for US$79.95

Episodes cover the following material:

Episode 1: Contrasts the Naturalistic and Supernatural frameworks in which the study of origins takes place.

Episode 2: Explains how the traditional Catholic doctrine of Creation faded from Catholic memory.

Episode 3.1: Discusses the traditional Catholic doctrine of Creation as taught in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

Episode 3.2: Examines St. Augustine's views on fiat Creation and the literal historical truth of Genesis 1-11.

Episode 4: Presents the authoritative teaching of the Church's Magisterium regarding the creation of all things.

Episode 5: Refutes the most widely-cited evidence or icons of evolution used to prove Darwinism.

Episode 6.1: Exposes the scientific failure of the alleged Darwinian mechanism for evolution via genetic mutations.

Episode 6.2: Shows how the assumed biochemical evolution which sparked the first life-forms is impossible.

Episode 7: Unearths the frauds and errors in the many false claims of missing links between apes and humans.

Episode 8: Reveals the untenable claims of Big Bang cosmology which holds that the universe came from nothing naturally.

Episode 9: Looks at the fossil record and the geological evidence for the Biblical Flood of Noah's day.

Episode 10: Demonstrates that radiometric dating methods harmonize geological evidence with the Biblical chronology.

Episode 11: Traces the negative historical and global consequences of the acceptance of the evolution hypothesis.

Episode 12: Documents the destructive effects of evolutionary indoctrination on generations of children worldwide.

Episode 13: Addresses the catastrophic impact of evolutionary thought on philosophy, theology and Catholic society.

Fidelity Books has been given the rights to copy/print and distribute the series in Australia, a task we have undertaken in order to make this important series more accessible and affordable to Australian customers.

For other great Catholic Creation material, visit:
- The Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation
- Restoring Truth Ministries

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This product is available to customers in Australia and New Zealand only.

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