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For Etenity

For Etenity

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ÔÇ£We have to look at the truth head-on: the priesthood seems to be failing,ÔÇØ explains Cardinal Robert Sarah in this book. ÔÇ£The priesthood, its status, its mission, and its authority have been placed at the service of the worst crimes. . . The search for worldly glory, power, honors, earthly pleasures, and money has infiltrated the hearts of priests, bishops, and cardinals. How can we tolerate such deeds without trembling, without weeping, without asking ourselves probing questions?ÔÇØ

In the arid desert of Western society, where man believes he is happier without God, Cardinal Sarah invites priests to become ever more clearly the signs of the presence of God in the world.Â

Collected here are the writings of the greatest saints to help priests rediscover the essence of their priesthood so the people of God can renew their gaze upon them. This is not a treatise of academic theology, Cardinal Sarah explains, but a theology of the saints that is contemplative and spiritual as well as practical and concrete.

ÔÇ£Each text will be for us like a renewed way of looking, a luminous feature to draw more accurately the spiritual portrait of the priest as Jesus Christ intended him and as we need him today,ÔÇØ writes Cardinal Sarah.

Sarah, Card. Robert


Sophia Institute Press

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