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Five Bushell Farm - Sally Series Book 2

Five Bushell Farm - Sally Series Book 2

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Andrew must search the docks and find out if his missing captain-father has returned alive on his ship after all. So begins an adventure to unlikely places: to Maine frontiers, and new farms, and not-so-friendly Indians in these days of the early 1800s. But here Andrew finds cheer when he is taken in by the lively, determined families of Uncle Joseph and Uncle Ephraim. Sally and all her cousins, aunts, uncles, hired helpers and visitors seem to find a way around every flood, threat, and quarre! It is Andrew and Sally who find the perfect spot for the new house; and it is they whose friendliness towards the wary Indians ensures, finally, their farm's safety. Hope continues to grow that it will be possible to track Andrew's father, and to reach an honest compact between the farmers and the Indians. This is the second book in the "Sally" series, illustrated by Helen Sewell.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth


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