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Faith and Reason: The Notre Dame Symposium

Faith and Reason: The Notre Dame Symposium

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A series of important apers over the topics raised by Pope John Paul II in Fides et Ratio. Contributors include Jude Dougherty, Rev Servais Th Pinckaers, O.P., William Hoye, Mario Enrique Sacchi, Benedict Ashley O.P., Grace Goodell, Louis Chammings, Peter Hodgson, John Haldane, Steven Baldner, Vittorio Possenti, John Hittinger, Christopher Martin, Remi Brague, Michael Sherwin O.P., Roger Pouivet, Jennifer Hockenbery, John O'Callaghan, Alejandro Llano, and others.

The encyclical, from its opening paragraph, links the two ways in which the mind arrives at the truth, faith and reason.

Smith, Timothy L (ed)


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