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Failing Forward: Leadership Lessons for Catholic Teens Today

Failing Forward: Leadership Lessons for Catholic Teens Today

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Raising teenagers to be principled and upright is tough enough. Raising ones who embrace the Catholic Faith can seem nigh impossible. The good news is that the teen-tested, internationally proven, five-step program explained in these pages will not only help keep your teens Catholic but can also make them genuine leaders in the Faith . . . and in the secular world as well.


By relying on the age-old truth that facing challenges and overcoming adversity is the only way to grow strong, to learn skills, and to develop character. This simple program, which can be employed by parents at home, confronts teens with modest, absorbing challenges that require them to exert persistent efforts after repeated failures.

After a series of successes, your teens will develop the optimism and habits of perseverance that are the hallmarks of all true leaders. That's because they will have grasped the truth that hard-fought experience has engraved in the souls of all great men and women: failure is just a door to success.

In short order, that conviction will empower your teens to achieve remarkable results: improved grades and athletic performance, greater readiness and eagerness to serve, increased Church participation, openness to constructive criticism, improved decision-making, the ability to handle setbacks maturely, and many other life skills that will transform them into strong leaders and faithful Catholics!

Migliorato, A & Dziedzic, D


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