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Facing the Apostle: Paul's Image in Art

Facing the Apostle: Paul's Image in Art

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Discover Saint Paul, the bold and passionate preacher of the Gospel, through his many different portrayals in art. Facing the Apostle features thirteen images of Saint Paul, ranging from celebrated masterpieces to the works of little-known contemporary artists. Sr. Armanda reflects on each piece of art, drawing from them meditations on aspects of Paul's life and message.

"In this handsome and well-planned volume, Sister Armanda invites the reader to rediscover and meditate upon the iconography of St. Paul... Starting with a quotation from Sacred Scripture, she weaves biography, formal analysis, aesthetics, theology, history, and legend together in her chapters. Then each study is completed with a prayer that raises this wealth of information up to the spiritual plane. This is essential. For what good is Christian art if it does not draw us closer to God?"
- From the foreword by Michael Morris, OP, Professor of Religion and the Arts, Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley, California

Santos, Armanda


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