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Faces Of Holiness Vol 1

Faces Of Holiness Vol 1

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A Young African catechist beaten to death for wearing a scapular. A Chinese priest murdered by the Communists for preaching the Faith. A married woman who loved red nail polish and Kiwanis parties and who refused to kill her unborn child knowing that the refusal would probably result in her own death. A child who understood the blessings of suffering. Six Knights of Columbus who died for the Faith in Mexico.

The fact of Christ is reflected in the faces of the saints, and author Ann Ball brings the twentieth-century saints and martyrs to life in her latest book. With engaging stories and gripping photographs, this fascinating collection not only profiles but actually pictures one hundred seventy-five holy men and women from around the globe as they lived - and died - for the Faith. This extensive collection of saint' biographies accompanied by photographs is a must for people of all ages.

From mystics to martyrs, students to slaves, physicians to prisoners of war, this extraordinary compilations of saints, blesseds, and servants of God provides a compelling glimpse into the amazing variety that exists among holy men and women from around the globe.

Ball, Ann


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