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Engaged to be Married

Engaged to be Married

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The Church rejoices in each and every marriage that is celebrated among her children. And Christians want to help, support and encourage all those who are getting married - to pass on to them, as best they can, the midsom of the Christian teaching on marriage and to give them all possible joyful support in this great adventure.

This small book has been compiled by the Association of Catholic Women to assist those preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage. What you will read in this book is not new - it is all tied-and-tested, and has proved to be true and important and valuable. But much of it will read as if it is new, because that is part of the mystery and joy of courtship and marriage - that quite ordinary, commonplace things assume a new significance and everything connected with marriage is exciting.

Bogle, Joanna J


Gracewing Publishing

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Bogle, Joanna J
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