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Dying to LIve

Dying to LIve

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We are all going to die. But what happens after that is the big question. Many don't believe in life after death, or they wonder if "there just might be something on the other side." This book is for them. It leads the reader gently and logically along a path of enquiry into this vital question, arguing from reason and experience. We can all have our opinions, but what awaits us after death does not depend on what we think is going to happen. There is reality out there. And, as this book shows, the reality is eminently positive and it fills us with hope.

"John Flader's book is a must-read for those in any doubt about life after death. There are some sobering lines such as 'What happens after we die does not depend on what we personally think it is going to be'. The studies by my colleague, Dr Jeffrey Long, M.D., another radiation oncologist, on almost five thousand near death experiences, add a wealth of data. I will be recommending this book to my patients."

Prof Gerald B. Fogarty BSc, MBBS, PhD, FRANZCR (FRO)

Oncologist, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney; Professor, Monash University; Professor, UTS Sydney.

"Those of us working in palliative care know how managing psychological and spiritual pain can often be far more challenging than managing physical pain. This is especially the case when our patients do not know what awaits them, if anything, after they die. I am convinced that Dying to Live - Reflections on Life After Death will be a big help to many, giving them comfort and filling them with hope and purpose in this difficult phase of their life."

Dr Jacob Kwak, MBBS, FRACP, FRACP, FAChPM Palliative Medicine Physician, Blacktown and Adventist Hospitals, Sydney

John Flader has a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Harvard and a Doctorate in Canon Law from the University of Navarre, Spain. Since 1968 he has been in Australia, working with students at the University of New South Wales, the University of Tasmania, RMIT University, and various schools in Sydney.

Flader, John


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