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DVD - Woman: God's Masterpiece

DVD - Woman: God's Masterpiece

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What is the nature of woman? What is the 'feminine genius' that Pope John Paul II speaks about? Why can woman rightly be called 'God's masterpiece'? In this inspirational talk, Christopher West answers these profound questions and more.

Building on Pope John Paul II;s revolutionary Theology of the Body, West notes that woman's true greatness is in her ability to bring new life into the world. In this light, the Blessed Virgin Mary can be seen as the central icon for femininity because the essence of her being was receptivity - her 'yes' to God is a model for all women to follow.

Christopher notes that the vocation of woman is:

- To be open and receptive to God's grace so as to give birth to holiness in the world
- To see the 'nuptial meaning' of the female body - to appreciate that it is ordered toward the 'one flesh union' of male and female
- To see that her true genius is that she embodies the call to God's life, to conceive and bear forth life into the world

Using the profound insights of Pope John Paul II, West presents us with a theological framework upon which we can build a deeper appreciation of the dignity of woman in our world.

West, Christopher


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