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Divine Mercy Chaplet Leaflet

Divine Mercy Chaplet Leaflet

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Chaplet/Novena Leaflet (Waterproof-Coated)
A 10-page colour leaflet with all the prayers for the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the 9-day novena given to St. Faustina by Jesus himself. An excellent leaflet for those who already know about the Divine Mercy. This Chaplet/Novena is only one part of a six fold message which our Lord revealed to Saint Faustina, so if you are wishing to promote the whole message of Divine Mercy and give people a full insight into the importance of Divine Mercy, we strongly recommend that you add this popular leaflet to your potential order. This leaflet is a best seller around Divine Mercy Sunday every year. Recently reprinted and laminated on both sides to make them very durable.


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