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Didache Series Part 3 - History of the Church - Teachers' Manual

Didache Series Part 3 - History of the Church - Teachers' Manual

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The History of the Church, the fourth book of The Didache Series to be published, offers a comprehensive examination of the history of the Catholic Church. This Teacher's Manual is designed to be a supplement to the student text. Like the text, the Teacher's Manual follows the Catechism of the Catholic Church and is intended to help you teach the major points and some of the particular, important elements of Church History to your students.

The Teacher's Manual incorporates several elements to assist you in your efforts. Each chapter includes the following features:

- A chapter overview

- Chapter goals

- Key ideas

- Helpful references from the Catechism

- A lesson plan that includes reviewing of vocabulary, study questions, practical exercises, and tests

- A brief, concise commentary for each section of the chapter that will help to shed light on the subject matter and offer suggestions for ways to approach it in the classroom

- Study questions and answers found in each chapter of the book

- Chapter tests and answers for each chapter of the book.


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