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Descending Fire: The Journal of a Soul Aflame

Descending Fire: The Journal of a Soul Aflame

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When the manuscript of this remarkable book arrived in the mail, sent by the cloistered sister who had translated it from the French, no one in our offices had heard of it...

... or its long deceased author, Fr. Jean Petit. Sister herself had discovered the original edition only by accident, a tattered, yellow, French-language paperback, fifty years old, long forgotten on the shelves of her tiny convent library. No matter. Once she began reading the pages of Le Feu Qui Descend, Sister was so moved by its revelations about the intensity with which God pursues souls that she resolved to translate it into English herself.

Months later, her task completed, she sent the translation off to us, asking us to help her get it published. Now, IÔÇÖll be the first to admit that when I saw that bulky package arrive, I was skeptical. IÔÇÖve devoted my life to publishing fine Catholic books, along the way having to read thousands of manuscripts that disappointed me a few paragraphs ÔÇö or a few pages ÔÇö into them. What value could there possibly be in an obscure French book rendered into English by an amateur translator?

After just a few paragraphs, I quickly changed my mind. Fr. Jean PetitÔÇÖs words transfixed me. Never in all my years in publishing have I read a book as powerful as Descending Fire. Like St. Th├®r├¿se of Lisieux before him, Fr. Jean Petit encountered Divine Love firsthand; through these pages from his private journal, youÔÇÖll see how he burns with desire to make that Love known to you ÔÇö and to all souls.

Here is firsthand testimony that confirms what St. Th├®r├¿se told us repeatedly about GodÔÇÖs love for us; it will not be denied! Here is the very fire of Divine Love that yearns to embrace you, to consume you, and hesitates only until you to say to it one word; yes.

My friend, here is what you have been seeking so long. How can you turn away? How can you turn away any longer?

Petit, Jean


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