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Deciding to be Christian

Deciding to be Christian

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"In order truly to be a Christian--in order to authentically, maturely, and fully live the Christian life--we must decide to be Christian, and we must renew that decision each day. There is no other way," Mark O'Keefe, OSB, writes in Deciding to Be Christian: A Daily Commitment.

Writing from his experience of Benedictine monastic life, teaching, and ministry, O'Keefe argues that going through the motions of being Catholic is to shirk our responsibilities as disciples of Christ. While it can be easy to succumb to the allure of society's many temptations, real "Christian faith ultimately offers usa deeper sense of joy in possessing something more important and enduring."

In today's world of multiple distractions, you'll find that Deciding to Be Christian: A Daily Commitment will help you develop a personal experience of God's presence and invitation, and ultimately a deep sense of joy.

O'Keefe, Mark OSB


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