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Commentary Arist Metaphysics H

Commentary Arist Metaphysics H

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Of all Thomas Aquinas' Commentaries on Aristotle, that on the Metaphysics is in many ways the most intriguing. For most of the twentieth century, Aristotelian studies were governed by the claim of philologists that the Metaphysics is a compilation of disparate materials, probably made by someone after Aristotle, and that the order of the books cannot be taken to represent any literary unity. Indeed, the internal contents of the books were said to represent materials of different date and purpose. Furthermore, the presumed aim of these treatises, and indeed of philosophy generally, the acquisition of wisdom, receives in the Metaphysics two radically different accounts. Is God the object of wisdom or is wisdom the most comprehensive view of the natural world? Is the science Aristotle is seeking in the treatises an ontology or a theology?

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