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Cleared for Action!: Four Tales of the Sea

Cleared for Action!: Four Tales of the Sea

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Four books in one: Cleared for Action, Whaler 'Round the Horn, Voyage of the Javelin and Phantom of the Blockade!

Stephen Meader, master storyteller, takes the reader in four separate books across fifty years of American life upon the sea.

Cleared for Action! begins in the spring of 1812 when Jeff Robbins is forced from a Yankee merchant schooner to serve on a British frigate-only weeks before the United States declares war on England.

In Whaler 'Round the Horn, Rodney Glenn runs away to sea on a whaler, only to be left the sole survivor of a rampage by a monster whale.

Voyage of the Javelin catches the reader up in the breathtaking race of the square-riggers of the 1850s, as young Bob Wingate circles the globe, beginning as cabin boy and ending as 4th mate.

In Phantom of the Blockade, Anse O'Neal, and the rest of the crews of the small Confederate blockade steamships, must come to grips with the Confederate's losing plightÔÇöbut not before a last few hair-raising voyages are made between North Carolina and Bermuda.

Meader, Stephen W


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